NotifyWiFi – Notification functional enhancement of Wi-Fi connection

2013/08/10 19:59

Japanese Page

Jailbreak Tweak “NotifyWiFi" can check to connect Wi-Fi network.

If a Notification banner tap or slid from a lock screen, the setting screen of Wi-Fi will be opened.
It is useful when data communications are not made (ex. Free Wifi Spot)

NotifyWiFi’s main functions

  • The notification at the time of Wi-Fi connection

  • Setting screen of Wi-Fi is opened from a notification.

  • SSID is displayed on a Notification center.

  • Connected SSID is automatically copied to a clipboard.
  • The connection will not be notified if SSID is registered into a white list.

  • When SSID was registered into the blacklist and it connects with the SSID, Wi-Fi is turned off automatically.

  • When SBSettings or NCSettings is installed, a function can on/off.

How to use

NotifyWiFi register into a Notification center.

If iOS 5, the display is “Settings".

When you turn ON a sound, please Respring.

Demonstration Video


Please install from BigBoss.
Price: $1.49 (release sale 1 week $0.99)


Update Log

v1.1-1 Added functions
  • the “ON/OFF" switch of function that automatically copies the SSID.
  • SSID which can be added to BlackList was increased to 10 pieces.
  • “Display Alert" Switch from Setting.
    Show alert when is connected to BlackSSID. And can go to the Wi-Fi settings from there.